Program Pricing

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Group TRaining For Women

get the help and support you need

* Weekly investment for group training is $65. This does not include a one-time orientation fee of $180 ($135 for therapist or behavioral specialist orientation and $45 for goal-setting coach). 

The orientation process includes a meeting with the therapist/behavioral specialist and a goal-setting meeting. 

Your PoWeR of LiGhT Personal Chronicles Journal is included in the orientation fee and will be mailed to you . It is imperative that you have a journal when you start the program.

**PWT $30/half hour session – Personal Warrior Training: In addition to the group therapy portion, each woman enrolled in the Warrior Women of Light program is assigned a Personal Warrior Trainer (PWT) who will set a meeting frequency individually that delivers the best results for recovery. It is likely that the trainer will recommend the meeting frequency be weekly until the enrollee reaches 28 consecutive days of PWRofLiGhT goals. 

(PWT appointments are billed separately).


$ 65*
(*plus one-time orientation fee $180
**PWT cost not included)
  • Weekly ONLINE group therapy sessions
  • Lifelong skills
  • Real-life applications
  • Safe environment
  • Increased confidence & motivation
  • Training & support