images of all the Daughters of Light group leaders, Aneladee Milne, Hali Roderick, Kim Davis and Megan Bowman

Courage, Strength, Grace – WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Karen Broadhead, Director of Mothers Who Know is joined by Aneladee Milne, Kim Davis, Hali Roderick, and Megan Bowman, who share how driven they are to assist women and young women find true identity and healing through courage, strength, and grace.

Each woman on this therapeutic team comes from a place of being a mother who knows.  They share in honest vulnerability why and how the eternal warrior therapeutic principles in Daughters of Light and Warrior Women of Light changed their lives first and inspired them with the desire to empower women and young women.

They are professionals and specialists who are authentically meeting their clients right in their stories.

How do you know if you or your daughter need the support of these great warriors hearted women and the dynamic healing programs they offer?

Usually, we notice something has changed – you/she may be uncharacteristically sad, moody or irritable, isolating, or pushing others away. Acting out in ways unlike yourself/her.

The therapeutic team confidently express “WE CAN HELP THOSE STRUGGLING” with self-harm, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, eating disorders, low self-worth, risky behaviors, behavioral addictions, pornography struggles, overwhelming sadness, irritability and snappy, negative thoughts, sexual misbehavior, stress and overwhelm.

CLICK HERE for some more specific things to consider as you notice yourself and those you love. 

Warrior Women of Light and Daughters of Light are healing, skill-based group therapy programs to help women ages 18 and older, and young women ages 13-18 manage unwanted behaviors that often accompany mental health concerns like anxiety and depression.

All groups are run by an LDS female licensed therapist and certified behavioral specialist who specializes in women/teen girl mental health challenges.

Groups meet weekly to train participants in coping strategies, understanding, and controlling emotions and negative thoughts, learning about relationships and how to navigate them, understanding brain chemistry and how to change it in positive ways, and applying this to everyday life. The therapist helps participants set therapeutic goals and accomplish them.

Both in-person and online groups available.

Attend wherever you live.

May you find courage, strength, and grace as you share this episode. Thanks for fighting!

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