Common Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling is simple.

Just schedule an individual orientation session. During this session you and the therapist or behavioral specialist will determine if the Warrior Women of Light will be the best approach to reach your desired outcome. You will then be provided with a group time, date, and meeting place. We look forward to meeting with you!

To schedule an orientation session please call the main office at 877-437-6877 or email daughtersoflight@lifechangingservices.org.

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Each group meets weekly for 2 hours. Please visit our Group Times page for details on available groups.

Groups usually have between 5 and 9 people.

Our Warrior Women of Light adult groups are for any woman age 18 and older.

Our teen groups, Daughters of Light,  are for young women ages 13 to 18. 

Please visit our pricing page for detailed pricing information.

Warrior Women of Light is an LDS principled training group to help women overcome unwanted behaviors and mental health concerns. Our program trains women to gain skills to be aware of and change unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

It enhances, inspires, and supports each Warrior Woman of Light in overcoming adversity, achieving strong feelings of worth, and reaching higher to become her best self. 

She will learn specific skills to help in her daily life both in the short term and for a lifetime.

Warrior Women of Light is a progress based graduation program. 

Women work to achieve 12 perfect weeks on their specific recovery goals in order to graduate. This process can take between 12 weeks to a few years depending on the readiness of the individual.

  • Confidentiality and safety for all. Written confidentiality is promised and maintained by all who attend. This is encouraged through weekly pledging to one another their commitment to group rules and emotional safety. Any blatant disregards to the confidentiality or safety of the group will result in immediate dismissal from group and all Warrior Women of Light Programs.
  • Active participation. Commitment and follow through with activities
  • Consistent attendance. All participants understand there are no excused absences. If the participant is not able to attend weekly, there may be other options.
  • Financial responsibility. Each participant is responsible to ensure regular payment personally or through their ecclesiastical leader. If there are challenges in payment please contact the office immediately to work out a payment plan.

During group times, women are mentored by the therapist or specialist and uplifted by one another.

Group begins with reviewing the confidentiality rules and recommitting to keeping the group a safe environment. After which, each individual does a feelings check-in, reports her weekly PoWeR (PWR) points, and progress towards her LiGhT (LGT) goals.

The feelings check-in encourages mindfulness and teaches self-awareness.
PWR (PoWeR) stands for:
P = Praying a minimum of five minutes (each prayer) twice a day
W = Writing a letter to God or a future spouse (journaling)
R = Reading or listening to a modern day prophet for a minimum of five minutes.

The PoWeR focus strengthens resolve and is a vehicle for personal revelation. 

The three LGT (LiGhT) goals are set during the orientation into group. LGT represent 3 separate goals, the first goal or “L” is a meditation goal. The “G” goal supports the truth or recovery (T) goal, and the “T” goal is the goal and can be the “NO Goal”. The T-goal may remain confidential between therapist or specialist and participant. 

Attendees are held accountable to their LGT goals in group through the return and report system: sharing honestly with one another their successes and lost battles.

The LGT goals define behaviors to overcome and conquer and are the main focus and purpose of the Warrior Women of Light Program: to achieve self-mastery over negative behaviors. 

Daily, consistent, and consecutive progress towards the “T” goal is expected to achieve not only graduation from the program, but more importantly lasting results in life. As a woman learns not only how to persist toward these goals, she will gain strength, trust in God, and fulfilling self-worth as she sees herself achieve power over bad habits and self-mastery struggles.

Upon successful completion of the Warrior Women of Light Program, participants earn the title of Warrior Princess.

A Warrior Princess has successfully achieved self-mastery and conquered her unwanted behavior for 12 consecutive weeks. She’s demonstrated consistency and competency in the Warrior Women of Light curriculum including the LGT goals and PWR process, and is equipped to continue to progress and serve others throughout the remainder of her life.

Her deep connection with God cultivated through daily prayer has led her to a deeper understanding of her own divinity: she knows she is beautiful, loved, cool even, and completely irreplaceable just by her very nature as a daughter of God. Armed with this knowledge she is aligned with God and understands her purpose.

Through wisdom gained in active participation and by conquering her misbehavior she has gained mastery over her thoughts and her body. She is ever aware of the adversary and his cunning ways, and is a knowledgeable user of the tools to defeat him. She understands her enemy, and has the skills and tools to overcome.

A Warrior Princess is super confident: she’s not afraid to stand as a witness, to do what is right – let the consequence follow. She acts in love, kindness, and compassion towards others, but also knows when to say, “No!” and protect herself and her loved ones by standing firm in her resolve to do what is right. Her light inspires other women to be and do more, and become their better selves. She is a beacon to all around her and in the midst of storms remains unshaken, calm, and spiritually quiet.

A Warrior Woman of Light is a self-aware and well trained woman who has learned to discern truth and utilize its power in her life. She knows when the adversary is invading her own thoughts in an effort to destroy confidence and spiritual growth.

A Warrior Woman of Light emanates courage and strength. She is not afraid to stand alone amid peers for values and principles she holds dear. She knows when her light is shining bright and that this enables her to be an instrument in God’s hands and reach her full potential. She knows how to use her gifts to serve God, fight Satan, and make healthy emotional connections in life. She acknowledges her great worth and disdains anything that would remove it from her!

A Warrior Woman of Light is armed with the ability, skills, and courage to face adversity, and the power to stand triumphant to the end.

The ability to recognize the subtleties Satan uses to distance one from her divine purpose.

The tools and skills to counteract his impact.

A participant will trust in her ability to call on the power of God and understand how to use this strength to withstand the storms of life and overcome the adversary in all his forms.

She will learn how to create inner peace, self confidence, and chart a life long course that is founded in knowing her divine role and mission.

The Warrior Women of Light Program will arm women with the tools to win life’s most challenging battles, rise from falls both big and small and humbly enjoy fulfilling her intrinsic purpose.

It is important that loved one allow each individual woman to take the lead in participating in group and reaching her goal of graduation.

The positive peer support of the sisterhood and the therapist or specialist is sufficient pressure to inspire and encourage progress.

If loved ones become too engaged in the process, a power struggle arises and the woman begins fighting for her ability to be independent rather than fighting against the adversary.

A healthy balance of positive support and recognition of both small and large strides can increase confidence and a woman’s desire to keep moving forward.

It is normal to feel concerned about the influence that others will have on you. Attending a training group setting requires a level of trust and confidence in the therapist or specialist and program.

The Warrior Women of Light Program is success oriented and strength based methods are the primary focus of the group.

The details of anyone’s misbehaviors are discussed in the privacy of an individual session, not within the group setting.

In the event that a participant begins to share inappropriate information or off colored details, she will be immediately interrupted and refocused to join in sharing at the level appropriate for the group setting.

It is important that you feel confident in your decision to participate in our program. If you are interested in the benefits the Warrior Women of Light program has to offer but cannot overcome your concerns, I invite you to consult with the therapist or specialist to resolve your concerns and for clarification and a more in depth description of the processes.

Women have an innate need to create nurturing and supportive connections. The feelings of sisterhood, belonging, and connectedness is one of the most healing aspects of participating in the Warrior Women of Light Program. 

The Warrior Women of Light Sisterhood is a group of women who create supportive relationships based on shared experiences, concerns, and goals.

Confidentiality and emotional safety is reviewed weekly. 

The Warrior Women of Light Sisterhood is a place of safety where feelings of vulnerability can be processed in a healthy and productive manner. 

In this safe environment women can take full responsibility for their strengths and weaknesses, and be accountable for their personal growth.

Together let's help You Feel Good Again

Empowerment. Skills. Knowledge. Support.

Don’t know for sure if you need a therapeutic group or if what you are feeling is “normal”? Please call to schedule a consultation with a therapist. We can help you determine what the best steps are moving forward.