Episode 3 in the 6 part series with guest Jessica Sorensen, cover image of podcast

“The Spiritual Battles Of Anxiety And Depression Are Best Won With A Team!”

Welcome fellow warrior women! This episode is going to give you wings to fly!

Karen Broadhead, Director of Mothers Who Know, interviews Jessica Sorensen, who shares the energy and courage it takes to fight for oneself while battling ANXIETY and DEPRESSION.

With her life not rolling out the way she had planned, Jessica searched for resources to understand and address her anxiety and depression for several years in one-on-one counseling, with a variety of therapists.

She noticed she did a bit better, but throughout the week and when she was no longer in therapy she would spiral into discouragement and frustration again.

The day she courageously made a call to inquire about the therapeutic program for women at Life Changing Services changed her life. 

She discovered the strength and power that comes from a team. She learned that aside from the clinical aspects of her anxiety and depression she was in a spiritual battle with the enemy of her joy and peace.

Satan was determined to steal Jessica’s power and identity by isolating her in battle because he is afraid of her, and all women who are connected to cheer up and bless humanity. 

She remembered what her spirit had always known… She was a WARRIOR!  She was a WOMAN OF LIGHT! 

Jessica wisely surrounded herself with the support and assistance of a powerful Warrior Women of Light team! Now she is armed with the applicable training and tools she needs to win her battles.

In courageous confidence she is skilled at protecting and defending herself as needed in the art of spiritual warfare with weapons of light.

Her allegiance is to her Savior and Champion, Jesus Christ.  As she fights with Him and for Him she makes broken look beautifully invincible, and the burdens upon her shoulders look like a pair of wings!

Please spread your wings and fly this episode to all your people.  Thank You!

This is episode #3 in a 6-part series highlighting the therapeutic programs – Warrior Women of Light and Daughters of Light, found at Life Changing Services.