Episode 4 of the 6 part series, image of Katherine McCullough on podcast cover image

“You Can Feel The Savior’s Love While Struggling In The Trap Of Pornography”

Come on in, the door is open to feel the Savior’s love!  Karen Broadhead, Director of Mothers Who Know, interviews Katherine McCullough, who shares her 10-year struggle with pornography and sexual self-mastery.

Her message is one of deep healing and reclaiming her divine identity.

Because she knows the real discomfort and fear that comes up when we need to reach out for help, she thoughtfully shares, “When you are in ‘Warrior Women of Light’, you can’t feel fear even if you want to…there’s just too much love here!”

Like a caring friend, Katherine reaches out to other young women who are now experiencing the loneliness and shame she did and says, “Satan is the enemy, not you.”

Please realize you are so much more than he is making you out to be. The Savior’s Atonement is so infinite that you can be on day one (of sobriety) every single day but if you are facing toward Christ and you are trying…that is the power of the Atonement.”

Jesus Christ has a loving, understanding, singular approach for His beautiful daughters who are doubting their worthiness to receive His care and help.

Katherine testifies of the Savior’s reaching for her, and you.

“One of the biggest things I learned was the power of the Atonement. I felt for years that I was always going to be this way, that I was never going to concur this. I learned that’s a lie! The truth is, because of the Atonement, because of the sacrifice my Savior made for me, He has healed me!  He has transformed me into a woman who knows her worth and her power over Satan. A woman who knows her divine right to be loved, to have a family, to feel confident before God. That’s something I didn’t think I would ever feel.  But because of this program I feel the power of the Atonement.”

We invite you to open your door and invite others to feel the Savior’s love by passing this healing episode along. Thank You!

This is episode #4 in a 6-part series highlighting the therapeutic programs – Warrior Women of Light and Daughters of Light, found at Life Changing Services.

If you are struggling with unwanted behaviors or difficult thought patterns, find help at https://warriorwomenoflight.org/

If you have an adolescent daughter who is struggling with unwanted behaviors or difficult thought patterns, find help at https://daughtersoflight.org/